British Racing Green 

      Were Vanwall left off, after winning the 1958 constructors crown, Cooper stepped right up and won the drivers world championship in 1959 and 1960. Lotus continued the British take over assisted by the long gestating BRM project and lola.

      Suddenly the world of F1 became the pinnacle of motor sport and a rival to the aero industry too. Innovation was the order of the day and car design and layouts altered dramatically.

      This rich vane of experimentation and innovation continued into the 1980’s but little by little the rule books got thicker and the margin for lateral thinking got smaller. Now the rules constrain the sport so tightly that the wrangling over the interpretations of these rules can be more entertaining than the racing, sad times and very much removed from the era of these cars


                                                                            1/20th scale kits.

                                                                                 Built by Ian. 

      Built over approximately ten years between 1998 and 2008 these three models show how Britain came to dominate F1. More information on the individual models can be found by clicking on the individual photos.