The Motor car owes it's existence to the hard work and dedication of many people.

   Engineers and businessmen usually get the plaudits for the birth of the Automobile industry; but without scientists philanthopists and good number of ladies, things could have been  very different.

   In these hall we will tell some the stories of people who have contributed to the designs, technological advances and business practices that have allowed the Motor car to become practical, affordable and eventually to flourish. We'll also introduce you some of the less well known names, that may have been forgotten over the years, but without whom many of the things we now take for granted might not be around at all.

   In keeping with the balance of the Museum we will follow this avenue of thought down the road of Motorsports too. Looking at the team owners, managers, engineers and designers as well as the many 'names' the sport turns from divers into Gods....

The Inventors, Scientists, Designers and Engineers that have contributed to the motor car as we know it.


 The people whose business drive and organisational skills that have added the brands and marques to the world of motoring, and the law makers and breakers who got us all on the roads.

Team managers and motor sport officials make their own contributions to the sports drivers enjoy. Without these people it wouldn't happen, at least not as we know it.

The cars don't go anywhere without a driver, or a team of drivers. Male and female drivers have written their names in history.

This section of the Museum is under construction, sorry If what you're looking for isn't here. Please come back soon to see how the hall of fame develops. Why not e-mail us with the names of those you feel should be in our Hall of Fame, or let us know on facebook.