Diary of events

Our events calendar for 2021.

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   As 2020 was so badly effected by the Covid19 pandemic the list of shows for 2021 is uncertain. 
   Although we are not displaying our full display we will still be attending some of this years shows with our local IPMS Branch.

Stoke on Trent Model Show & Figureworld West – 2021


15th of August, 2021.

10:00am - 4:00pm BST

Although the Motor Museum in Miniature is not displaying some of our models will be on other displays and Ian will be in attendance, either at the the IPMS Stafford display or at the IPMS motoring Special Interest Group's displays. 
   For more information see the S-O-T model club website

Announcement of withdrawal from displaying, 7-2-2020.

   "I had a long chat with my family this afternoon and between our various illnesses and problems we reluctantly came to the conclusion that we can no longer exhibit the Motor Museum in Miniature at model shows and events. We are very sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped us over the years. Please pass on our thanks to all the committee members, club members and volunteers, who have organised things to make life easier for us over the years, we will miss the exhibiting side of the shows very much.

   For almost 25 years we have been honoured to display at many shows and events; we are very grateful for the opportunity to have done so. We have met many wonderful people and made lots of very good friends, talked for many hours on automotive and modelling topics and, occasionally, bored some unsuspecting person with our endless stories and unknown facts from the distance past.

   We will continue to support our local shows and events through IPMS Stafford club and several IPMS Special Interest Groups. Our Website and facebook page will remain as before and our models will still be seen at shows on various displays, just not in our large museum setting.

   We give grateful thanks to the organisers who have done so much to help us get all our display into, and out of, shows, to the many friends who have come and helped us set up and get the car packed again at the end of the day, and to all those who have donated models and other useful items to museum. These will still be seen through the website and facebook page as we won't stop making models until the angel of death offers us a display space in the great hereafter.

   Our disappointment at not being able to carry on the 'mobile' museum display can't be expressed; we have enjoyed talking with so many people over so many years that it seems impossible to think of a time when we weren't displaying. It is equally difficult to think of a show that we are free to wander around without worrying about getting back to the display so as not to leave each other alone too long.

   However, age and infirmity have forced the issue. Both Rod (Dad) and I have treatments and operations pending so it seems the time has come to accept our situation and move into a new era.

   Thank you all, again, for your time and considerations and all the wonderful shows we have shared together in the past."

Kindest regards,

Rod and Ian


     We always look forward to meeting friends, new and old. Feel free to browse through our albums of photo's on facebook and see what was on display at that shows in the past.

     Kindest regards,

         Rod and Ian