The Fiat Punto FIAT Punto Kit car 2000.

   The Fiat Punto supermini, produced by Fiat since 1993, is now in its third generation. The second generation model, codenamed Project 188, was produced from 1999 to 2010. Launched at Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1999 the new Punto retained the original Punto's distinctive shape but with all-new styling and seriously overhauled chassis and interior. To celebrate Fiat's centenary the company reverted to a the original Fiat badge, so the Punto became the first Fiat in decades to carry a round logo.

   The third generation car, better known as the Grande Punto, was sold between 2005 and 2009. After that the Punto Evo was market between 2009 and 2012, before Fiat re-introduced the straight Punto name. Up to February 2012, nearly 8.5 million Puntos had been produced.

   The Punto has always been popular with racers due to its low cost and the wide availability of spare parts. Special homologated competition versions of the Punto have been produced, including the Punto Rallye, the S1600 and the Abarth Punto. Our model is of the #49 car, crewed by Luca Pedersoli and Nadia Mazon, from the 42nd Rallye San Remo (Rallye d'Italy), 12th round of the FIA 2000 World Rally Championship.

   The Rally was held from the 19th to 22nd of October 2000, entirely in the neighbourhood of San Remo, and included all the most famous special stages. The San Remo rally has a character very similar to that of Monte Carlo Rally as it is also held on twisty mountain roads. The Autumn date also adds to the difficulties for drivers and teams as leaves often litter the roads, rain is a constant threat, the sun is invasive in the mornings and these morning stages are often still slippery from the morning dew.

   At the end of the 2000 event the #49 Pedersoli-Manzon Punto was 29th overall. Their time was 4:14:00.4 which was +21:53.1 behind the winning Peugeot 206 WRC of Gilles and HervĂ© Panizzi.

   On an historical note the San Remo was first rally ever to be won by a woman, Michele Mouton in 1981. 

1/24th scale kit.

Renovated by Ian.

Built and donated by Mark Reeves.

   This kit, the Racing43 "kit # - BIG.R.016: Fiat Punto Kit Car, Valsir, Sanremo 2000", is one of those currently held under the care of ADmodelli who sell the model car kits under the name RacingAD. The kit consists of resin body and chassis with white metal for the other parts. Rubber tyres, photo-etch and an extensive decal sheet finish off the kit. Like many smaller resin/white metal manufacturers the economic downturn of the early 21st century hit Racing43 hard causing their range to be cut down and parts sold off. 

   Racing43 kits are often challenging, even for experienced modellers, but well worth the effort in the end. They have some very nice touches with photo-etched parts and enamelled p.e. lights, but are let down by inconclusive instruction sheets. 

   This particular kit was donated by Mark Reeves in a half built state, Ian finished the interior and final details to put the model together. The vac-formed glassing was particularly time consuming but eventually was persuaded to fit. In the end it proves a nice model and a very interesting addition to the Museum collection.