Mercedes Benz 450 SL

     The Mercedes SL sportscars arrived in 1971 replacing 230/250/280SL range that had been in production since 1963. The 450SL V8 engined versions was larger and heavier than the earlier cars but retained the thoroughbred lines and classic styling. A convertible soft-top was standard although a metal hard-top was available.

     The 450SL used the larger 4520cc V8 engine which was usually with an automatic ’box. S-Class suspension was used for improved ride comfort in keeping with the overall shift towards luxury in the SL range.

                                                                                                       1/43rd scale kit.

                                                                         Built by Rod.

     Built from the box in the 1990s this model is sprayed with Halfords car paints and has some bare metal foil used to help the chrome work stand out.

     1/43rd scale is not used much in the U.K. but is the predominant scale on the continent. While the U.S.A. always prefered to use 1/25th and Britain was using 1/32nd scales its only since the mid 1980's that 1/24th has come to be accepted as the "car" scale. Slowly the rest of the world is adopting this scale leaving the others out in the cold. 1/43rd however, is still very popular and the chances are if the car you want isn't available in 1/24th it probably is available in 1/43rd, if you can track it down! Although there are many 1/43rd producers in the world a lot of them are small concerns and several names have come and gone over the years.

    Heller, being a French company, have produced quite a range of 1/43rd scale car kits over the years; and they are often very good. Although obviously simpler in their build processes these kits are not short on detail, or accuracy.

    Our 1/43rd scale models rarely get out and about as the Museum display works around 1/24th scale. On the computer screen scale isn't as important so here is the best place to display the more unusual smaller scale models from the collection.