Called the most beautiful taxicab in the world, the FX4 stayed with the classic tall boxy profile that has its origins in a horse drawn carriage more than three centuries before. Officially designated standard taxicab by H.M. Government in 1958 it has almost the same styling as the FX3, which preceded it by 21 years. Turning circle 12ft.6ins (3.8m), seating for 5 and tall enough to let a passenger with a bowler hat enter without taking it off!        

                                                                      1/24th scale kit.

                                                                          Built by Rod.

    Imai are not always the best kits to work from, and this kit is hardly a classic. That said, the subject is, and they do seem to have captured to spirit of the “London cab” rather well.

    Built in the mid' 1990’s Rod was getting to grips with spray painting from Halfords cans at the time. Careful use of bare metal foil helps set off this interesting and rare model.