After the Model “A” came the Model “B”. This was a car which was designed to take the world by storm, but the Model “B” was in production for only ten months and was something of a flop for Ford, although the reason was not that it was a bad car but that Ford was getting to grips with a whole new technology; there were no examples to follow and everything  had to be thought out and tried from scratch.

   Although the Model “B” failed to live up to the expectations of either Henry Ford or his potential customers, there can be no doubt that it was, eventually,  an excellent car. With the timing all wrong from beginning to end, it was eventually killed of by the Depression rather than by its own shortcomings.       

                                                                     1/32nd scale kit.

                                                                          Built by Rod.

    Like many of Rods early models from the 1960s this is another 1/32nd scale kit. Back then it was the most popular scale for model cars, witness the Pyro, Revell and Airfix ranges of the era.

    This is still a rather basic kit.  Plastic model kits were in there infancy then and it took the arrival of the Japanese industry to really push on plastic model kits. That makes the wheels on this kit all the more praise worthy. 

    Another notable aspect of this model is Rod’s use of material for the hood. With no after market industry at all many modellers improved their cars with what ever house hold items they had. Cloth, card, paper, wire and thread all had a roll to play.  It has been brush painted with Humbrol enamels.