Walter Owen Bentley started as a Railway apprentice and progressed to m/cycle racing then distributing French DFP cars. His modifications, replacing iron pistons with aluminium, were the first time this had been done in England.

   Bentley was probably the most outstanding marque of the 45 that were launched in Britain immediately after World War 1. Formed in 1919 Bentley Motors Ltd lasted only 12 years, suffering severe financial problems for most of them. Despite this, 3,034 top quality cars were built - more than a third of them survive - ten major races fell to Bentleys, and the marque became legendary.

   The Bentley was a car of its time - rugged because the roads of the 20’s demanded strength, sporting because owners sought sport, aesthetically pleasing with well-balanced proportions.

   The first 3-litre Bentley was running in October 1919, with a 4-cylinder SOHC engine. A four-speed gearbox was set into a very sturdy chassis with semi-elliptic springing all round and friction shock absorbers. Braking was on the rear wheels only.

                                                                 1/32nd scale conv'.

                                                                       Built by Rod. 

     Converted from the Airfix "Blower" Bentley this model is Rod's first conversion. Dating from around 1960, and using drawings from model car magazine, Rod used household items plastic card and chemical plastic fillers to undertake this job. Remember this was only around 30yrs into the plastic model making hobby and there were no after market parts, photo etch, bare metal foil, (you used cigarette foil!) or even simple things like plastic hobby fillers!

     Side by side with the donor kit one can see some major differences. Also evident is the toll time takes on Humbrol enamel paints!