Many T’s became the basis for individual custom speedsters, and still do. Whether individualising an actual sports model or stripping down the old family jalopy there are as many T speedsters as there are ideas to make them. Young lads could go speeding around the wide open spaces of the rural American country side having the time of their life.

    T’s became actual bases for race cars when people found out how strong they were. You could do all sorts of conversions to them and they took it. Lower them, strip them down and do a little magic with the engine, et voila, a speedy little sports car was yours for very little cash. Next came hotroding, then drag racing and the T chassis handled these challenges just as easily as it could be a two seat car or a high top van off the same basic chassis. 

    Ford themselves raced T’s in sprints and long distance trials in order to build up a reputation for the T as an excellent all round and utterly reliable vehicle. Most often they were too. Frontenac even took them to Indianapolis.

    Cheap, plentiful and fun to drive. Puts me in mind of the mini or the VW beetle, both of which have developed a similar cult status and wide variety of applications from a single simple idea.   

Scratchbuilt                                             1/24th scale model.

    model                                                              Built by Ian.

    Ian built this model from resin castings he made from his own masters and moulds. Scratchbuilding is just like making a kit, only you make the parts as you go along. Painting is all done by Halfords car paints and Citadel acrylic paints.

    In time a whole range of Model T cars will be made from these moulds, oh the beauty of having your own moulds.