One of the earliest American car manufacturers, the company was started by two brothers, Charles and J. Frank Duryea. Charles began building his first motorised horse-buggy in 1891, but needed Franks mechanical skills to complete it. This led to a long-running argument over whose invention it was! The car was driven in 1893 and is considered the first successful gas-engined vehicle built in the U.S.

    The 2nd prototype (Frank’s design) appeared in 1895, winning the Chicago Times Herald 50-mile race in 9-hours. Two years later (1897) the Duryea Motor Wagon Co. was formed. By 1898 the brothers had split, Frank went to the Automobile Company of America and then to Stevens Arms in 1901, which was to produce the Stevens-Duryea.

    Charles formed the Duryea Power Co. and continued to produce the Duryea, which by this time were a variety of 3- and 4-wheel vehicles with tiller controls.      

                                                                     1/32nd scale kit.

                                                                          Built by Rod.

   Pyro’s “brass” range gives another interesting model in this kit. Again built from the box using Halfords car paints and Humbrol enamels.