In 1903 John Perrin of the Lozier Motor Company of Plattsburgh, New York was assigned to build a car to equal or surpass the best American or European car available. He succeeded.

   The 1904 prototype was very much like a Mercedes, in fact so much alike that many of the parts were interchangeable! But within a few years it lost many of its Mercedes characteristics and became rather better than its German inspiration.

   After painstaking assembly every Lozier was subjected to a high speed 500 mile road test over the rough American roads of the day. It was then totally stripped and each part inspected and measured by micrometer. After reassembly it was further road tested and the buyer got a cast iron six month guarantee.

   Its success finally caused Lozier’s downfall. Sales were so good that in 1909 expansion of the factory became necessary. In 1911 a new factory in Detroit was built with money from bankers, who as usual, soon insisted that cheap popular models be built. The mass-sale type car did not mass-sell. By 1915 the company was in the hands of speculators and by 1918 Lozier was gone.

                                                                     1/32nd scale kit.

                                                                           Built by Rod.

   Another of the Pyro brass range this model was built straight from the box in around 2000. The body sprayed with Halfords car paints and detail painting done with Humbrol enamels.