In 1900  Benz were producing 6 times more cars than Daimler, although both are rated amongst the best. Emile Jellinek, wealthy diplomat, motoring enthusiast and  Daimler owner/race driver joined the Daimler Board of Directors and encouraged them to start building high performance "sports" cars, to get then to agree he places an order for 36 cars, but-insists on a change the name! to…..‘Mercedes’, the name of his eldest daughter.  Then, he insisted on having the Trade Rights throught the  Austro-Hungarian Empire, France, Belgium, and USA., and to trade the cars as ‘Mercedes’ in these areas. prety shrewd!

     Wilhelm Maybach was put in charge of the project.  The new model, introduced in1901 at the Pau G.P., IT FAILED. But nearly all the races during Nice Week held soon after were won by Mercedes cars. This oversold Jellineks pre-purchased order for 36 cars prompting production to be increased. The 1904 car is now considered the first real sports competition car.

                                                                    1/32nd scale kit.

                                                                          Built by Rod. 

1905 Landaulette   

     Landaulette body was put upon the 1904 chassis to create this more luxurious mode of transport.

      In 1909 His Majesty the King, King Edward VII, bought a 65hp model Landaulette which he apparently preferred to his Coventry Daimlers!

      Rod built the Airfix kit in the 1960s but added working steering to the front wheels. It is brush painted with enamels and the red piping had to be picked out by hand.

      The 1905 Landaulette is a conversion of the 1904 kit also utilising the Airfix Rolls-Royce kit, again it was built in the 1960s.