Welcome  to the Motor Museum in Miniature.

A unique display of model road and race cars.

   Feel free to stroll through our halls and enjoy the world of motor cars, motor racing and building model cars.

 The Motor Museum in Miniature

   As you move through the museum you will find many fine models, scratchbuilt and highly detailed. But you will also come across models that may not appear as impressive. This is for two very good reasons.

   Firstly some of the models are very old now and reflect the level of knowledge and equipment available to the modeller at that time. Modelling supplies have come a long way from the era of tube glue and brushed on enamel paints. Part of the museum's philosophy is to show how much things have changed in the modelling world as well as in the motoring world, so some of our exhibits remain as they were first built, period pieces, a testament to the modelling technology of the time. 

   Secondly we want all our visitors to know that we didn't start off with some natural talent to deliver high quality model cars, we had to start as novices and learn just like everyone else. We are not afraid to show you our "lesser" models, or admit our mistakes, because we want you to feel encouraged to keep trying. It's easy to say 'if I can do it, so can you', but there was a time when we both looked at other peoples models and said 'I could never do that'.

   Well we did do it, and so can you. Of course we still make mistakes and we are never totally happy with a model, but that is the spur that keeps us all trying that bit harder with the next model we build.

   A word of warning though, when the drive for 100% accuracy and perfection start taking the fun out of modelling, take a step back and have a good think about things. We start making models we like for the pleasure they give us, it is a hobby for most of us and it's our standards we should measure ourselves against. As long as you're happy with your model if somebody else comes along and enjoys it too, that's an additional bonus.

   Enjoy your modelling,     Rod and Ian

News for May 2022

   On the surface Citroën’s motor racing history doesn’t seem that significant. However, when you start to dig a little deeper it quickly becomes clear Citroën has a long record of participation across many forms of motor sport, and, can claim titles galore on the world stages. From land speed records, to circuits, to off road rallying and endurance rallies, ‘Citroën’ has much to be proud of. 

       As usual, click on the photos for more information.

2004 Citroen Xsara WRC.

   From the moment the the Citroen Xsara took to the WRC stages it made people sit up and take notice. 

   At the end of its six year career the Xsara WRC package had won over 30 WRC events, three WRC Drivers World Championships and three WRC Manufacturers Championships.  

   Driven by champions such as Sebastian Loeb, Carlos Sainz, Colin McCrea and Philippe Bugalski the Citroen Xsara WRC is an icon; one of the most successful WRC cars to date. 

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